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Lumi map

The simplest one is EASY MAP the Plain projection mapping, in which a simple static or animated image is being projected on the surface on which the lamp displays the media contents.

In this case, regardless the shape of the surface or objects placed on it, the projection will always be the same.

It is a simple and cost efficient way of communicating with your audience.

Lumi map 3D

3D MAP is a real video mapping in which you’ll be able to play with the structure of the table, or map objects like plates, cups etc..

The visual effect is much more powerful and attractive.

You can in this version truly decorate the tables you’ll be mapping taking into account the elements you want to keep on them (plates, vases, etc.)

The structure of the table is digitalized and then used to play around with the images.

We can also very easily from the distance change the effects and the way they display them on your table, helping you to constantly surprise your audience